I was one of three people who founded Coretrac Inc. (Austin, TX) in 2001 and from the beginning I was responsible for architecting both the SQL Server data layer and the Visual Basic business layer.  I worked successfully with that same company for over 16 years as an employee working remotely from Kingston, Ontario, a fact that underscores my qualities of self-motivation and reliability.

I have 17+ years’ experience in system architecture and design, DB programming, application development and programming, web development, CMS configuration and customization, CRM design and development, and I am an accredited Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD).

I am hard-working, determined, a good listener, loyal, and imaginative.  My favourite aspect of software engineering is when a problem requires a creative solution.  I like to be part of a team, a real team, one in which people engage with one another about the tasks at hand and feel comfortable asking one another for advice, guidance, and support.  I have no false pride about asking questions and dislike ego-saturated environments in which people are discouraged from openness.  I am always willing to give a member of the team the benefit of the doubt and to pitch in whenever and wherever needed.

For fitness and fun I play soccer — another rewarding team activity. I typically play defense and I take great pride in a clean sheet but I also like to sometimes “join the rush” and will play any position in which I’m needed.

In my spare time I like to write historical fiction.  My first published novel, The Last Stoic, a story in which modern America meets ancient Rome, made the 2012 ReLit Awards long list.  My second novel, Bottle and Glass, is set closer to home in the Kingston, Ontario of 1814.  I’ve adapted Bottle and Glass into an immersive, site-specific play that was staged successfully by Theatre Kingston during WritersFest 2016.  Audience members pursue the story through the streets and pubs of Kingston, drinking along with the characters and experiencing the city’s history like never before.  The production is set to be expanded and restaged for a three week run in the summer of 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about my writing please visit morganwade.ca

My background in Philosophy (MA – Dalhousie U.) and my love of writing help me to have excellent communication skills.

I live in Kingston, Ontario with my wife and 13 year old son.  We’ve been in Kingston since 2001.

A professional achievement I am proud of:
At Coretrac (ResourceOne) it became clear that the method we had for importing our client’s data (community banks and credit unions) into our CRM system was woefully inadequate.  It was a migration that occurred within a Visual Basic application and it was far too slow.  Since each organization wanted a fresh migration of their host data every night, in some cases 10’s of millions of records, the process was untenable.  I was tasked with creating a system that would process the data exclusively within the database in a fraction of the time.  It had to be dynamic, so that our support team could take any of our existing clients, or any new clients, each with their own distinctive datasets, and map their data structures to our CRM’s proprietary data structure.  It also had to do extensive data validation, check for errors and log them, update existing records, and insert new records based on complex metrics.  I architected the entire system and it reduced the processing by many orders of magnitude, making it feasible to provide this service to our clients.  A previous project manager described the system as the “heart” of our entire product and said that the system would be useless without it.  It has been a stable, critical tool used for well over a decade to this day by all of the company’s current clients.