2001 – 2017

ResourceOne (R1) is a robust, core-integrated, easy-to-use CRM/Sales Force Automation solution that is provided exclusively to community financial institutions.  Beginning in 2001, I designed, developed, and implemented the initial version of the main software application from its very beginning stages through all cycles of its evolution over fifteen years including: maintaining existing software applications, responding to requests from support and QA to investigate bugs and customer incident reports, developing custom client applications.

The initial version of the application ran on a SQL Server backend, with Visual Basic middleware, and Classic ASP front end, passing data back and forth in an XML format to facilitate scalability and separation of the tiers.

I developed and performance tuned most of the 100’s of stored procedures required to run ResourceOne.

I was involved in most aspects of converting the original application to Version 2.0 to a .Net platform, using C#, ASP.Net and a retooled SQL Server database.

Most recently, I worked on converting the application to the next version, a responsive, mobile-friendly interface using the Sencha ExtJS platform, passing JSON back and forth between the application layers.

Financial institutions that utilize ResourceOne have the ability to leverage analytics to attain data-based insights into their pipeline and immediately take action to achieve measureable improvements to sales pipeline performance.  Integrated to the client’s core and other 3rd-party data platforms, ResourceOne helps all employees of an organization to easily adapt to client expectations, meet sales information and management needs, and provide exceptional service.

ResourceOne has a number of powerful, distinct modules most of which I either designed, developed, and implemented, or was extensively involved in maintaining and updating:

  • Lead and referral tracking
  • Contact and pipeline management
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Next-best product cross-sell recommendations
  • Profitability tracking
  • Service Center case management
  • Up-to-date marketing campaigns
  • Employee incentive, compensation, and goal performance tracking
  • Comprehensive management reports
  • Custom Report Writer


Since its founding in 2001, CoreTrac has worked closely with clients to craft ResourceOne into a CRM solution that satisfies every demand of Banks and Credit Unions.  Over 150 Banks & Credit Unions have benefited from ResourceOne nationwide. These include clients as large as $16 billion in assets, 30 clients with assets greater than $1 billion, and dozens more with assets below $1 billion.

Here is an example of a possible R1 dashboard configuration:

and the Contact Management screen:

Here is the Contact Detail screen:

And the Referral Management Screen:

And the Manager’s Performance Dashboard: