The Resident Scheduling System is a web-enabled application (Php/MySQL) created in conjunction with Purely Interactive.  It is used to help residents, physicians, clerks, and admins keep track of their schedules with regard to attending various sorts of clinics, seminars, teaching days, holidays, and other activities.  It helps to automate scheduling of everyone involved to prevent double-booking or no-shows.

At the beginning of the term, the adminstrator enters all of the known scheduled events for the users in the system.  As the term progresses, they may make changes, users may go on holiday, or get re-assigned.  The system will alert users of daily and weekly changes, both at the top of their dashboards and also by email notification (if they choose this method of notification).  Change notifications are tracked and managed using a series of MySQL db triggers.



The academic year is divided up into blocks.  Each of these blocks contains scheduling items for each of the users in the system.  They are a way of organizing the rest of the data in the application.  Most reports and pages are by block.