The Mass Data Upload Utility (MUU) was originally designed for Coretrac Inc. (ResourceOne) in 2001 as a VB desktop application installed on a dedicated machine local to the client that is using it.  It quickly became clear that the VB application would be insufficient to handle the large quantities of data being processed.  Version 2 of the MUU incorporated a SQL-only based set of stored procedures that would build dynamic SQL statements based on pre-configured mapping definitions (different for every client) and execute them to update/insert/delete records in bulk.  The VB portion of the application was retained for creating the mapping definitions.

The MUU performs two main functions:

  • Creates the initial mapping schema between the client’s output files and the Coretrac (ResourceOne) database
  • Performs daily process jobs against the client’s files at a scheduled time to migrate and reconcile their host data into the ResourceOne database.



ResourceOne required mass data upload capability to move client data into the proprietary database on a nightly basis.  There was no advance information on what format a client’s external data might be in.  A data retrieval section was added that would be able to pull from any ODBC-compliant source, Excel, Access, SQL Server or just text files. A matching section was added to translate external “list-type” values (like Activity Status) to values in R1.