In addition to implementing all of the stored procedures, configuration templates, and Telerik reporting controls for 20+ standard, out-of-the-box reports for ResourceOne, I also implemented the Telerik-based front end rendering portion of the of CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer (CRW).

CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer is designed to make report construction intuitive and fast for people who aren’t necessarily technically inclined.

The behind-the-scenes aspects of the database, such as unfamiliar column and table names, and SQL are largely hidden from view. Unfamiliar names are replaced with business concepts that non-technical users can understand. SQL is replaced with a user interface that allows the user to select a starting point (a table) and graphically select columns from that table or drill-down to other related tables (to any depth) and select columns from those tables. Groups, graphs, summaries, and filters are created in a similar fashion.

CoreTrac’s Custom Report Writer is designed as a separate module from CoreTrac’s core-integrated, banking-specific CRM/Sales Tracking Automation solution, ResourceOne. It can connect to any SQL database.